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philosopher .. author .. revolutionary

G.E. Nordell is an autodidact [someone who is self-taught].
He has become a philosopher and author, and a 'netrepreneur', which process
led to the creation of twelve free homepage sites of about 80 web pages.

The official Working Minds philosophy website was up and running in December 2000;
the author's website that you are looking at was put up in March 2001.
The combined page count is now 1,772 {as-of 2020},
with more detail and more pages being added daily.

These websites and pages are interconnected, so follow the links that tickle your fancy at the moment.
The primary purpose of these websites is to display and offer for sale my philosophical works,
my noir detective fiction, and other writings – with nifty related links included for education and fun.

The political and economic aspects of philosophy have led to initiating a Revolution {see below},
wherein the soveriegn Individual restores his/her own Power by standing outside the extant Culture-Structure,
which is directed by the feudal Oligarchy that rules every part of the world.

You are cordially invited
to join the Revolution!

The Working Minds Manifesto: Revolution For A World That Works
Where Quality of Life is the Most Important Value

My Writings

Working Minds: A Philosophy of Empowerment
Working Minds: A Philosophy of Empowerment website
free 'Working Minds Preview Edition' eBooks
Working Minds 'Things To Worry About' Pages
Working Minds Solutions Pages
Working Minds Solutions / Activism Pages

WMail: The 'Working Minds' Newsletter [2000-2007]
WMail ezine Issue #72 of November 2007 was the Farewell Issue ...

After WMail Issue #72 in October 2007, essays & quotations & news are being posted to the
Dateline Chamesa weblog {est. October 2005}

The combined series of essays are listed on the Working Minds website
in order of publication or by topic

Quotations from the 'WMail' ezine [2000-2007] & the 'Dateline Chamesa' blog [est. 2005]

"Backlot Requiem: A Rick Walker Mystery"
by G.E. Nordell

Rick Walker novels website
"Backlot Requiem" novel by G.E. Nordell  published by iUniverse in March 2005
iUniverse 9x6 hardcover [3/2005] for $22.95 at Amazon
iUniverse 9x6 pb [3/2005] for $12.95 at Amazon
9x6 pb [3/2005] for $12.95 thru Barnes & Noble
9x6 hardcover [3/2005] for $22.95 thru Barnes & Noble
also on sale at Amazon Canada, U.K., France, Germany & Japan
... plus the novel is translated & published September 2005 in Croatia.
click here for excerpt

The "Backlot Requiem: A Rick Walker Mystery" book was converted
to Kindle format in July 2011; download is now available at Amazon
click here for Kindle Edition from Amazon [7/2011] for $9.95

"Hollywood Tales: A Memoir" [2009]
by G.E. Nordell

My Movie Scripts Page
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Information on eBooks
Literary Links Page

"Sir, he who would earn his bread writing books
must have the assurance of a duke, the wit of a courtier,
and the guts of a burglar."
Dr. Samuel Johnson [1709-84]

My 6 Online Bookstores
Maison d'Ętre Philosophy Bookstore
Maison d'Ętre Beatnik Coffeehouse
'Economics or Else!' Pages at Maison d'Ętre Philosophy Bookstore

BlackHat Mystery Bookstore
Films Noir Festival at BlackHat Mystery Bookstore

Magic Lantern Video & Book Store
Online Film Festivals Index Page at Magic Lantern

Mundane & Common Knowledge Bookstore

'Readers of the Purple Sage' Western Bookstore
Western Movies Film Festival at 'Readers of the Purple Sage'

Spirit of America Bookstore
Children's Dept. Pages at Spirit of America Bookstore
U.S. History Dept. at Spirit of America Bookstore
U.S. Presidents Pages at Spirit of America Bookstore
America's Authors Pages at Spirit of America Bookstore

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Magic Lantern's "Breaking Bad" TV Series Page 2/2022

. . . and there are always new postings on
G.E. Nordell's Dateline Chamesa weblog [est. 2005]
G.E. Nordell's Facebook Homepage [est. 2014]

Personal Pages/Links
My All-gif/jpeg Resume Page
Culver City, California: My Hometown
links to Culver City Businesses
where I live since August 2005

The Nordell Family Website
(est. August 2009 after the Asilomar Reunion)

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Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad [est. 1970] in New Mexico & Colorado Page
Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad [1870-1988] Page
Florida East Coast Railway [est. 1885] Page
Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad [1876-1942] in California Page
Sierra Railway [est. 1897] in California Page
Virginia & Truckee Railroad [1869-1950, rebuilt 1972 & 2006] in Nevada Page

G.E. Nordell's Travel U.S.A. / Railroad Museums Page

G.E. Nordell's Canada Travel & Business Links Page
Canada Travel / Railroads Links Page
Cinema of Canada Page at Magic Lantern Video & Book Store
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