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It was because of ebooks that I got myself onto the internet. After fatbrain/ematter/MightyWords folded,
I was able to find conversion software to make formatted ebook versions, as listed below.
Then links were set up for purchasing the ebook novels thru PayPal® in May of 2002.
The "Backlot Requiem" novel was published by iUniverse in March 2005,
including hardcover, trade paperback & ebook formats.

Amazon halted sales of all Adobe Reader ebooks in 2008.
But that was when the Kindle ebook reader phenomenon took off; for books with both options,
Amazon now sells more Kindle editions than paper.

These books © Gary Edward Nordell, all rights reserved

Rick Walker, Private Investigator
Detective Novels

The Novels Website
The Novel Series List
A Biography of Rick Walker

"Backlot Requiem"
When a long-buried body is discovered at National Pictures Studios, private investigator
Rick Walker is called in to identify it. His investigation leads to a thirty-year-old murder case,
a dying film director and his wild daughters, a legendary film star of the Silent Era,
local gangsters, and a very discreet love affair. (circa 1954)

Backlot Requiem by G.E. Nordell  Amazon halted sales of all Adobe Reader ebooks in 2008

iUniverse 9x6 hardcover [3/2005] for $22.95 at Amazon
iUniverse 9x6 pb [3/2005] for $12.95 at Amazon

also on sale at Amazon Canada, U.K., France, Germany & Japan and at Barnes & Noble

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Rick Walker novels website

The "Backlot Requiem: A Rick Walker Mystery" book was converted
to Kindle format in July 2011; download is now available at Amazon
click here for Kindle Edition from Amazon [7/2011] for $9.95

'WORKING MINDS: A Philosophy
of Empowerment' Source Document

The Working Minds Website
The free 'WMail' Philosophy Newsletter [2000-2007]
Index of All 'WMail' ezine Issues

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Working Minds Source Document for Kindle
The "Working Minds: A Philosophy of Empowerment - Source Document" book was
converted to Kindle format in July 2011; download is now available for $3.00 at Amazon.

        The survival of Mankind as a species is in jeopardy. The only solution is an intentional commitment to the Fulfillment of Mankind's Potential, which requires the Fulfillment of Individual Potential – thru Empowerment – of enough Individuals to tip the balance toward the practice of Reason.
        Ayn Rand produced the Objectivist philosophy. Albert Camus defined the Existentialist philosophy. And yet, Reason is still in short supply.
        Reason is the only frontier left, and Reason is necessary to prevent Mankind's senseless self-destruction.
        The Working Minds Philosophy of Empowerment defines strategies and techniques with which you will be able to handle successfully anything that Life brings your way. The development of your Working Mind is entirely your Responsibility – at all times. How far you go in developing your Working Mind is a function of your Commitment to being a Self, an Individual who IS Responsible.
        That – and only that – Commitment to being Responsible for being an Individual, in the face of ceaseless pressure to revert to subjugation by the internal False Mind and by the external Culture-Structure, is the necessary Context for the fulfillment of your existential potential.
        The development by your Self, within your Self of your latent Working Mind is crucial and necessary for the survival of the human species. Without you, Mankind is lost. With your Working Mind developed and engaged, the Culture-Structure becomes irrelevant.

click here for Kindle Edition from Amazon [7/2011] for $3.00

The Working Minds Philosophy of Empowerment website

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