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Groups That I Belong To Now

A.A.A. of New Mexico

American Civil Liberties Union [est. 1920]
Culver City High School Alumni
Union of Concerned Scientists re global warming

Mensa® - member since 1963

Mensa     American Mensa, Ltd. [est. 1960]
regular meetings include monthly dinner, First Friday Attitude Adjustment, and weekly lunch on Wednesdays  New Mexico Mensa®
U.K. Mensa's Global Directory

Pamela A. Moore is the current LocSec for New Mexico Mensa
Pam's new greeting card website

Mary O'Gara is a member of Albuquerque Mensa
Mary's new weblog [est. 1/2015]

Sharon Winters was a longtime member of Albuquerque Mensa who allowed me to coach her on getting her book
about China published; she moved to Arizona and after a couple years the book is published at last.
"Cutted Chicken In Shanghai" [2014] by Sharon Winters
Kindle Edition from Sharon Winters [4/2014] for $7.95
CreateSpace 9x6 pb [1/2014] for $13.46

Groups That I Used To Belong To

Culver City Senior Center

Greater Los Angeles [CA] Area Mensa

Ayn Rand Discussion egroup {no longer exists}
[public posts; open membership]
Los Angeles Mensa egroup
[private posts; proof of Mensa membership required]
Landmark Education graduates egroup {no longer exists}
[private posts; proof of course graduation required]

Southwest Manuscripters [est. 1949] of Torrance, CA
Southwest Manuscripters weblog [est. 1/2010] {last update 2013}

A.A.R.P. link & logo here were removed after the December 2003 Prescription Law
was passed by Congress with A.A.R.P.'s help & approval.
This drug bill caused major economic harm – my membership will not be renewed.

Dozens of Webrings That I Used To Belong To {and-or Used To Manage}
I quit managing about 25 rings in February 2009 and quit webring.com altogether in January 2012
the memberships included 69 rings for GEN & WM, and 139 rings for bookstore subjects

Groups / Honors That I Aspire To
Nobel Prize in Literature [est. 1895]
The MacArthur Foundation Fellows Program
The Pulitzer Prize [est. 1917]
American Academy of Arts & Letters, NYC [est. 1904]
Los Angeles Times Book Prize [est. 1981]
Inamori Foundation's Kyoto Prize in Philosophy [est. 1984]
John W. Kluge Prize in the Human Sciences [est. 2000]
Bastiat Prize for Journalism [est. 2002]
New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards [est. 2006]
The Eric Hoffer Awards [renamed 2007]
The Chautauqua Prize [est. 2012] of the Chautauqua Institution [est. 1874] - deadline at end of year

TED {Technology, Entertainment, Design} Conferences [est. 1984]
TED Prize [est. 2005] nomination page
Eleven Must-See TED Talks playlist (1/2015)

Aspen [CO] Ideas Festival [June-July 2013 = #9]
Purpose Prize: for seniors 60+ [est. 2005; deadline in March]

Chicago Ideas Week [Oct 2011 = #1] in Chicago, Illinois           Idea Festival [Sept 2013 = #14] in Louisville, Kentucky           invitation-only World Economic Forum Conference [Jan 2013 = #43] in Davos, Switzerland

Writers Guild of America / West

Mystery Writers of America

The Academy of Achievement [est. 1961]

Other Interesting Organizations

Buckminster Fuller Institute
Ballona Wetlands Foundation
The Nature Conservancy

Activism Page at Working Minds Philosophy website

Natl Cartoonists Society       Tree People L.A.

Friends of the Ballona Wetlands

Social Networking Dept.

my plaxo profile > signin

Social Networking Page at Earl: The AddURL Expert

Family & Friends Dept.

singer-musician Anna Nordell of Sweden {inactive? 2014}

scifi-fantasy novels by family friend Michael Shea [1946-2014]

Mike Wood's SmarTech: Data Driven Solutions in Fresno/Clovis, California

books by long-ago next door neighbor Jim Galbraith

The Nordell Family Website
[est. August 2009 after the Asilomar Reunion]

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