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The U.S. Constitution
is null and void
in the State of Arizona

There are two causes for the above statement: The State of Arizona declared itself 'The Apartheid State' in January 2012 by eliminating all Ethnic Studies programs in their schools and banning a list of 50 books from school libraries. Then in February 2014, the Arizona Legislature passed a law (following a similar law in Kansas) making it illegal to be a homosexual person in Arizona. Discrimination is now the law of the land - and YOU are next!.

Back in January of 2012, the fascist Board of Education in Tucson, Arizona banned the entire Xicano & Ethnic Studies curriculum from the school district. To prove their power, they sent goon squads into classrooms and pulled the books out of the hands of students and off of library and classroom shelves, then boxed them up and sent them to a secret location. Particular attention was given to seven books, with the full list adding up to 50 written works that apparently threaten the anti-democracy side – plutocrats, oligarchs, the One Percent – in the escalating real-life Class War here in America.
Various responses are already occurring, including the Librotraficante movement to
purchase the banned books elsewhere and smuggle them back into Arizona.

Authors of these banned books include Rodolfo Acuña, Sherman Alexie, Jimmy Santiago Baca, Ana Castillo, Sandra Cisneros, Junot Diaz, Paolo Friere, Dagoberto Gilb, Rodolfo 'Corky' Gonzales, Winona LaDuke, Elizabeth S. Martinez, N. Scott Momaday, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Wm. Shakespeare [1564-1616] {no kidding!},
Henry David Thoreau [1817-62] {even!}, and Luis Albert Urrea.
Amazon links for the Seven Major Offenders and for several dozen other of the books that were 'Banned In Tucson'
– with book covers and multiple editions and other details –
have been coded on Spirit of America Bookstore's America's Ethnic Authors Page.

On Tuesday 11 February 2014, the Republican Kansas House of Representatives passed HB 2563, a law that brings Jim Crow policies for discrimination against LGBT ('gay') citizens of their state and anyone crazy enough to visit their backward society. Any Kansas resident may, or even 'is required by law', to refuse service – at restaurants, at gas stations, at hospital emergency rooms – and refuse lodging, refuse police protection, refuse all manner of business transactions – haircuts, automobile sales, trash pickup, driver's license, auto & health & homeowner's insurance – and refuse employment to anyone SUSPECTED of being gay
or of 'supporting the gay lifestyle'.

And a week later, the Arizona State Senate passed similar law SB 1062, which was passed on Thursday 20 February in the Arizona State Legislature, and that bill is already on the desk of Arizona's Governor, who is expected to sign the bill into law.

All that is required for the Kansas or Arizona bigot to invoke this law is a heartfelt belief that their pseudo-Christian God despises homosexuals
and that the victim of their bigotry IS one.

Horrible scenarios abound: Police officers will be standing by while booted Kansas or Arizona thugs stomp a 'suspected' gay person to death. And if the 'suspected' gay person happens to survive the beating, the E.M.T. personnel have the right and duty to refuse treatment or to transport the victim to a hospital. But that is a bit moot, since emergency room personnel are also required by this law to refuse medical treatment to any 'suspected' homosexual.

You might expect large numbers of LGBT or even liberal people to leave Arizona – 'Arizona the Apartheid State' is really not that special. But wait, the moving van companies will refuse service to gays, the U-Haul franchises will refuse service to gays, everyone suspected of being gay is unable to buy gas for their car anyway . . .

You might say that being gay is the new Black. In Kansas and Arizona both.

NEWS BULLETIN Wednesday February 26th: Arizona Governor Janet Brewer officially vetoed SB 1062
(which suggests to many that she is planning to run for national office when her term expires in 2016).

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