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This listing of completed scripts and treatments will be expanded
as time permits and more are written,
with further links to one-page synopses.

Interested producers or agents wanting to discuss and-or read this material
may contact the author by email
or visit the contact page for other options.


romantic musical feature
A young impoverished boy in post-war Italy grows up to be a famous opera tenor

science fantasy feature
Three students at Cal Tech invent a working time machine. Steve visits the 1930s and falls in love
with George Raft’s girlfriend. Ezra visits the 1950s to surf Malibu alone; he marries a girl
who dies tragically, then returns embittered. Walter visits a terrible future, with startling results...

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urban action-adventure feature series
A Hispanic U.S. Marine returns home for his younger brother's wedding. After a gang of extortionists
put his girlfriend and his brother in the hospital, and his father's construction site is fire-bombed,
Roberto Lopez reluctantly uses all his military arts to defend his family,
finally saving his kidnapped father from a ruthless killer.

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[ see the Simultaneous Bilingual Feature Production page ]

"I read your script 'El Tigron'. Congratulations for a job well done. It held my attention
to the end. I hope you can find the right producer to make it all work into a great film."

— actor/producer/director J.N. of Hollywood, CA (August 2003)

"Pass on the script. However the writing is exceptional."
— producer R.C. of South Pasadena, CA (August 2006)

SPEC JOB OFFER: for anyone who lives in Atlanta, Georgia area and can write.
Check the synopsis and then email back to me.
We will set up a written deal memo about splitting credit and money 50-50.

The project is to rewrite the existing "El Tigron" script:

  • Keep the storyline intact.
  • Convert everybody but Slade from Hispanics to Afro-Americans.
  • Convert all the geography to Atlanta (open & close at nearby military base).
  • Somehow get the folks at Tyler Perry Studios to make the movie, in Atlanta.
  • Rake in the big bucks and residuals.

    rock musical feature
    A family travels to Southern California for a long weekend's vacation, where young Paul bolts to attend a forbidden rock concert at Anaheim Convention Center Arena [headlining 'Major Rock Band']. The 15-year-old protagonist meets new friends, takes a stand against drugs, and later saves his date from a knife-wielding drug kingpin, thus the title.

    Merde sainte! Regardez tout l'argent!

    'suitcase full of money' comedy feature
    Mike and Tom have always wanted to split for Tahiti, a goal that remains even after Tom's marriage to Julie. When a suitcase belonging to air-head gangsters is left in chauffeur Mike's possession, they mistakenly think Mike stole it, and begin shooting. With the help of Tom's stockbroker skills, they use the cash from the suitcase and almost make a fortune on the stock market's quarterly 'triple witching hour'. But Julie has done some stock trading of her own. The money is returned to the bad guys [who get their come-uppance], Mike finally meets the imaginary love of his life – The Girl With The Ice-Blue Eyes – and all ends well
    at the Hotel de Pingouin on the balmy island of Tahiti.

    romantic comedy feature
    Without her knowledge, single mother mail carrier Renee is entered in a magazine contest, and wins a trip to New York City. Amidst the ruckus of the magazine's promotion, the long-missing father of her six-year-old boy finally locates her...

    proposal for one-hour TV series
    Two contestants compete by answering clues to a New York Times or other major crossword puzzle,
    while the Crossword Master races against the clock to complete the same puzzle
    – alone inside a soundproof glass booth.

    "WINDOW A"
    proposal for half- or one-hour TV series
    On-going comedic interaction among the employees and the customers of the State Employment Office; the title drives from each newly-unemployed worker's first stop, Information Window A, which is difficult and endlessly boring, so that management uses an assignment to Window A as punishment. The female head manager is in love with the accounting department guy, who hasn't a clue; the Armenian security guard, Josep, is in love with the female manager, who hasn't a clue; the sharp Hispanic ladies man gets dates with any number of cuties who file for unemployment help, but the one woman he really likes, a Latina fellow employee, thinks he's a jerk; several of the unemployed have nowhere better to go, and hang around the waiting area, a constant frustration for Josep. The employees take their breaks and lunch at the diner across the parking lot.


    modern murder mystery feature film
    A young lawyer who hates handguns is honor-bound to solve the back-shooting murder
    of his father, a longtime city cop.

    feature film about the Home Front during World War II
    Four California recruits at the beginning of World War II and their interconnected adventures;
    includes issues such as rationing and the relocation of Japanese-Americans to Manzanar.

    a life of Robert Louis Stevenson [1850-94]

    "CARLOS & don JUAN"
    animated documentary on Yaqui shamanism
    see Carlos Castañeda Page at Maison d'Être Philosophy Bookstore

    "T.J. and BILL"
    comedy feature film
    The ghost of Thomas Jefferson visits elderly chauffeur Bill, who works for a U.S. Senator who has been
    arrested on false evidence for the shooting death of a nasty lobbyist, and they work together to save
    the Senator's life and career. {Both Bill and the Senator are descendants of the red-haired American forefather.}

    comedy feature film
    The Homeland Security Dept. screws up big time and 100 prisoners are released from county jail,
    each in possession of an unlimited-balance Homeland Security credit card.

    the classic 1957 novel by Ayn Rand [1905-82]
    After years of on-again, off-again 'development hell', the three-part TV miniseries version of "Atlas Shrugged" finally began filming in June 2010
    "Atlas Shrugged, Part 1" was released in U.S. theaters in April 2011; filming of "Atlas Shrugged, Part 2" began in April 2012, with plans for
    release in theaters in October 2012; Part 3 is scheduled for 2013 release
    details on Maison d'Être Philosophy Bookstore's "Atlas Shrugged" Page

    HOWEVER: If the live-action TV miniseries released to theaters does not capture Ayn Rand's intention, then
    I would like to see a full-length animated version, directed by Frank Miller, with visuals based on a combination of
    the Art Deco Fleisher "Superman" cartoons and the cover & stamp art of Nick Gaetano

    from the 'Little Fuzzy' series of novels by H. Beam Piper [1904-64]

    two accountants find a treasure map

    an existential Western (click to see logo page)

    "The KING JOHN Project"
    the tale of King John of England from his P.O.V. { click here }

    from the 1962 Neil Elliott Blum novel

    "est: The Musical"
    background information page at Working Minds website

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